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Hi girls, to answer your frequently asked questions, we've specially came up with this post so that it'll save you a lot of time (and wondering!)

Please read through because your question(s) are most likely answered below!


Why does the actual item's color differ from the one shown in pictures?
Most of the pictures reflect the item's actual color, but we do hope you keep in mind that studio pictures and pictures with flash will definitely make the item look brighter etc. Also, your monitor's calibration, brightness and contrast also affects how the picture is displayed on your computer. Sometimes the color of the item is displayed properly but you think it is not!

Why don't you state UK sizes in addition to measurements provided?
UK sizes are a very, rough gauge of body measurements in our opinion. For example, there is a big UK 6, small UK 6 etc.. So, maybe the apparel doesn't fit you nicely even though we state fits UK 6 - 10. The whole thing about shopping online is convenience and we wouldn't want you to go "why can't this fit me?" when you receive your item. Kindly note that even if you enquire whether it'd fit you (in terms of UK size), we'll still direct you to refer to the measurements instead because everybody's body size/shape is unique.

Why are your items "expensive"?
Prices are in proportion with the cost prices. If the item is cheap, the price is cheap, vice versa. Also, a same design can also be available in different materials, hence different prices from other shops. 

I'm interested in some other items the model is wearing but you didn't bring it in. Will you be bringing it in?
If you see something on the model that you like and we didn't bring it in, there are only 2 reasons: 1) low in stock 2) more expensive than normal price range
Just email us and we'll let you know if it is available for order + price!
It's a 80% chance that you'll be able to get it ;)

Do you do exchanges/refunds should item not fit?
We'd provide information for sizing to the best of our knowledge, but there will be no exchanges/refunds should item not fit you because all measurements are up on site.

Are there additional discounts for purchases above $200?
Yes there is! But the amount of discount depends on: Collection method/ Clothes or bulky items! 

Are items true to picture?

Yes of course! And do trust us, we've been around for so long! :) However it may differ 1-2 shades due to individual monitor settings.

Why are the measurements in CM instead of inches?

Easy, supplier provided measurements in CM rather than inches! It's really easy to convert cm in inches. Simply google "XX cm in inches" and you'll get the measurement in inches already! There's no need to email us specially to ask about measurements in inches. I'm sure this would save you a lot of time! Lots of things can be googled :)

Why are the new shoe prices placed into 3 categories (MEETUP/POSTAGE/REG)?
This is to encourage you girls to collect it personally. It is a hassle to mail shoes out.
Also, to avoid damage in transit!

Why not do that for apparel too, then?

Apparel is a lot lighter and posting does not pose any problems to us.
Besides, some of you might be lazy to meetup or self collect for just a piece of apparel. In that case, you can easily collect via NORMAL POSTAGE without doing the necessary topups.


It's been 10 hours, why have you not replied to my email yet?
All emails will be replied within 24 hours for orders, payments, and stock enquiries. Simple queries will be replied under the timeframe of 12 hours. Sometimes, your email didn't reach us. In the event that we do not reply within 24 hours, please send us a message on facebook and we'll assist you

Do you actually blacklist people?
Yes, we do, even if we are a preorder site. We have a list on hand, for various reasons - always sending in orders without making payments, fake payments, always delaying second payments, taking advantage of our kindness, rude attitude etc. We are very lucky to have only met one or two ridiculous cases in our venture till date. Although there is the mentality of "customers are always right", we are also human and we will not tolerate rude people. We'd most likely deal with you only once and reject all your future orders. True, we are managing a business here but we are not your slaves. We are nice to people who are nice. 

Why do your preorders only last 3 days or less?
Most of the time, we add a lot of items in our preorder that are limited in quantity. Sometimes, the item is out of stock by the end of just one preorder. Therefore we do not open our preorders very long in fear of items going out of stock. Please order right away if you want something! Most items do NOT have restocks.

How much is normal postage? Can postage be waived if I buy a few items?
Normal postage is FREE. But to encourage shoppers to opt for meetup/self collection for heavy and bulky items, we offer $1 off each item or meetup prices for selected items. It is also to benefit those who are attending mass meetups or opting for self collection.

Why does your site takes longer than other shops to load?
Very simple, our variety is overwhelming! Very often, the different categories have ~100 items as we usually add new arrivals of 50 and up recently. Feedback has shown that shoppers prefer the current layout as compared to a thumbnail layout. Also our images are kept at high quality 800px so that you can see the item's details clearly. We understand that a longer loading time may discourage you from shopping with us but we want you to know exactly how the item is like prior to ordering. 

Do you accept paypal?
With effect from 5 August 2012, we accept paypal! Do email us for this payment option.

How long do items take to arrive?

10–14 working days from date of order.

How often do you guys update?

2 weeks or once per month, depending on schedule / amount of new products.
We ensure that each update consists of 30 items or more!

When are you having a physical retail rack?
We have been offered places but we won't be having any physical retail racks in the near future.

When are mass meetups held?

Saturday/Sunday, 12.00 PM – 2.30 PM (location basis)

Why not be like other spree sites and post your account number on the site?
This is because we do not want an influx of payments into our account. It will be hard to track, verify, and we may even miss out your order! Why the hassle?

What is the difference between SELF COLLECTION & MASS MEETUP?
Mass meetups are held at MACPHERSON MRT & TOA PAYOH MRT respectively, where you can collect your items from us.
Self collection means that you'll be dropping by our place to collect your item!
To be fair to all customers, no additional meetups will be held at MRT(s) other than mass meetups.
Meetups @ Temasek Polytechnic is allowed on case to case basis.

Where is self collection held at?

10 minutes away from MACPHERSON MRT.

How is registered postage different from normal postage? 
Registered postage comes with a tracking number and is delivered to your doorstep. It is recommended to opt for registered postage since we can track it.
Normal postage is free, but it doesn't come with tracking. It is delivered into your postbox. It may get lost during delivery. Do note that we are not responsible for it as items are delivered via Singpost.

Is registered postage a one time charge or added to every item?
It is a one time charge of $2.50. :)

Do you supply?

Nope! Please stop emailing us asking whether we do and claiming you are our customer... You know, I can check ;)

How is the order process like?


 if you still have any enquiries, formspring us or email us.



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